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Training automate programabile si convertizoare - Sediu Electro-Total, 15-19 Mai 2017


Str. Mecet nr. 42-44, Sector 2
024086 Bucuresti

Phone: +40-21-252.57.81, +40-21-252.57.83

Fax: +40-21-252.57.82, +40-21-252.57.91




Electro-Total provides a wide range of applications:

  • industrial furnaces (forge, heat treatment, glassware, ceramics);

  • modernization of industrial boilers (steam,hot water and oil);

  • industrial dryers (ceramic products, building materials, textiles, moulds, food);

  • centralized monitoring systems for energy (electrical and utilities);

  • general automation systems (compressors, presses, electrical drives);

  • technological process automations (metallurgy, chemistry, petrochemical industry);

  • applications for automotive industry (production lines, assembling, dyeing);

  • software for industrial applications (PC, PLC);

  • applications for environment protection;

  • building management systems

These are only a few examples of applications which our company currently provides. Given our past experience in the field of industrial automation, you can contact us for any application in this area.

Our specialists are always at your disposal to discuss your problems and to give you a detailed presentation of our company products and services. You can contact us anytime in order to schedule a meeting, either at our company headquarters or at your head office.

You can find out more details about our applications by accessing the menu on the left side of this page.


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